At Griffe, we pride ourselves on being industry leaders, offering unmatched quality and affordability. As a premier manufacturer we are committed to excellence, durability, and cutting-edge designs setting us apart and ensures that your building needs are not only met but exceeded.

Our modern door handles are not just functional components but also statement pieces of art that seamlessly integrate into your design vision. We understand that every detail counts, and our modern door handles are meticulously crafted to meet and exceed your expectations.

Inspired by the evolving architectural landscape, our handles embody the fusion of contemporary styles and timeless quality. Designed to European standards, our door handles perfectly encapsulate the Griffe spirit, standing as a testament to our dedication to compliance and premium-grade materials. The Modern Door Handles Collection offers a variety of finishes, allowing you to personalize your choices to match your project's aesthetic. Whether you prefer a brushed nickel finish for a subtle elegance or a matte black option for a bold statement, our selection caters to your diverse needs.


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